Mechanical Engineering Safety Page

General Information

This website is designed to increase the accessibility of safety information related to the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Saskatchewan.  It is a supplement to the University's WSEP web page.  Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the department or using department facilities.

Required Training Prior to Laboratory Usage
  • All Graduate Students MUST take the University of Saskatchewan Laboratory Safety Course within their FIRST term of registration. Failure to do so can result in the student being "required to discontinue" their program.
  • All people (students, staff, faculty, regardless of discipline) who are using Mechanical Engineering facilities or equipment are required to read, understand and sign ME0001 - Mechanical Engineering Department Requirements. The OFFICIAL hardcopy of this document is kept in room 3B48 and MUST be signed at that location.
  • In addition to the training requirements listed in ME0001, local safety or site specific safety training may be required (see the appropriate Departmental Assistant and/or your Faculty Supervisor).
Laboratory Safety Requirements
  • The University's Workplace Responsibilities System outlines the obligations for University employees (including Graduate Students) according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations.
  • University Policies on working alone/after hours must be followed.
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn in laboratories.
  • NO unlabelled substances are permitted in the laboratories.
  • All Chemical spills or near-miss incidents MUST be reported to the Departmental Assistant and/or your Faculty Supervisor and the appropriate paperwork completed.
  • It is the researcher's responsibility to BACK UP their own data. Data left on department computers may be deleted without warning should the computer need rebuilding.
  • Everyone should be aware of their "right to refuse" any work that they feel is unsafe and information/documentation cannot be provided to prove that the work is being conducted in a safe manner.
  • All documents provided on this or related web pages are for reference only, the official documents are the hard copies found in the locations indicated. All material printed from this or related web pages cannot be gauranteed to be up to date.
  • Laboratory access is a priviledge, those who repeatedly neglect safety will lose lab access and their ability to conduct experimental research.
Laboratory Safety Documentation
  • Laboratory Safety Manual can be found here.
  • Mechanical Engineering Long Form SOP template is available here and Short Form template is available here
  • Chemical Order Form can be found here.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Information can be found here
  • College of Engineering Power Outage Procedure
  • Government regulations applicable to Mechanical Engineering can be found here.
  • Office Safety Regulations and Policies can be found here.
  • UPDATED Office & Ergonomics Information can be found on the Office & Ergonomics tab.