Materials Science and Metallurgy

  • All people utilizing the materials labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering MUST read, understand and sign the required SOPs (Mat0001 and Mat0002) for the Materials Labs in addition to any procedure or site specific SOPs as well as the department SOP ME0001.
  • For Chemicals or other materials to be ordered this form must be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed to the Departmental Assistant. Nothing will be ordered until a form is fully completed.       
    • NOTE: Any items that are required to be stored or used under inert gas or stored in an explosion proof fridge/freezer are not allowed in the materials labs as we do not have the appropriate facilities.
  • Hard copies of all SOPs are located in room 2C26 (Yellow Binder) and these copies must be signed, digital copies are provided for reference only.
  • Working alone or after hours with hazardous materials is prohibited in the Materials Labs.
  • Upon completion of their research students or researchers are responsible for disposing of their chemical waste as well as any left over products that will no longer be used by the research group.
  • Emergency Response Plan.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Job Safety Analyses (JSA)   Materials Science & Metallurgy - Located in Room 2C26 (Yellow Binder)

Required SOPs
Required to be signed by anyone utilizing a Materials Lab in Mechanical Engineering
Materials Preparation - Sectioning, Mounting, Grinding, Polishing, Etching
Materials Examination - Optical and Electron Microscopy, Image Analysis
  • Mat0012 - Digital Imaging and Analysis with Optical Microscopes
  • Mat0013 - Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Usage for JEOL JSM-6010      
    • Changing the Filament - Departmental Assistant Use Only
Materials Testing - Fatigue, Impact, Hardness, Tribological, Thermal
Thin Film Deposition
  • Mat0009 - 4Wave System Operation Notes
  • Mat0010 - 4Wave System Maintenance Notes - Departmental Assistant Use Only
Heat Treatment
  • Mat0011 - High Temperature Furnace Usage

Departmental Assistant:

Nan Fang Zhao 
Office: 2C26.2
Phone: 966-5459

Applicable Laboratories:

0C14 0C15 0C16 0C17
0C18 0C19 0C20 2C19
2C24 2C25 2C26 2C27
2C32 2C34 3C95