Ch.E.S.S. - Chemical Engineering Student Society

Our Mission: ChESS was formed with the purpose to build relationships and foster a community within the Department of Chemical Engineering.

What do we do? Our representatives facilitate social outings, conduct tutorials and organize graduation ceremonies for students who convocate in the spring.

How can I participate in events or get involved with ChESS?  

You can contact us by email at:

Check out our facebook page for information on events going on within the college:

For even more updates follow us on Instagram at:

Who are we? The Executive of the Chemical Engineering Student Society is comprised of individuals elected by students of the college to represent their interests. Elections are held every April for the oncoming year.

The current 2016/2017 Executive is comprised of:


Thomas McLellan

Vice President

Fahd Hussain


Connor Dobko


Josh Uy

VP Social

Lisa Tilford

VP External

Kirstin Olsen

VP Internal

Zach Lang

VP Sales

Tyler Dyck

VP Academic

Beauregard Schlageter

Grad Coordinator

Navy Hoang

4th Year Rep

Jeff Miles

4th Year Rep

Thomas Specht

3rd Year Rep

Kelsey Schmidt

2nd Year Rep

Julia Batiuk

2nd Year Rep

Nimra Dar

2nd Year Rep

Rabiya Malik

2nd Year Rep

Harsh Patel

2nd Year Rep

Brittany Peacock