RCM 300

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to negotiate the rhetorical, political, ethical, and interpersonal challenges of communicating in a professional environment. Although it addresses the practical demands of writing technical correspondence and reports, the primary focus of the course is on the development of the student’s communicative judgement.

Students are asked to assess and respond appropriately to a variety of case studies and to present their analyses in acceptable oral and written formats. This course is also intended to provide a foundation for further study in communication through the Professional Communication Option. 

Professional Communication Option

The Professional Communications Option (PCO) consists of six courses (18 credit units) that combine with your undergraduate degree to give you a specialization in communication.  They cover such topics as professional writing and editing, public speaking, communication ethics, interpersonal dynamics, leadership development, persuasion and influence, and conflict resolution and negotiation.

Why Consider the Professional Communication Option?

As a technical professional, you need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, the public, and various agencies.  The PCO offers you specialized training in written and oral communication.

The PCO add-on is unique in Canada. Engineering graduates who have completed the PCO will have an advantage because employers recognize the necessity of effective communication skills.

Who is Eligible?

Students in the Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture and Bioresources must complete RCM 300 before enrolling.  Students from other colleges should consult the Graham School of Professional Development.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Option

The Engineering Entrepreneurship Option (EEO) consists of seven courses (21 credit units) as an optional addition to any of the eight B.E. degrees. Six of the seven courses are delivered in the Edwards School of Business. The program capstone course (GE 430.0 Engineering Entrepreneurship Capstone) is taught in the College of Engineering. 

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